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Blue_Knight 21-06-10 12:07

Lažu nam pred nosom...

Blue_Knight 21-06-10 12:29

alison 21-06-10 14:04


Originally Posted by Blue_Knight (Post 46484)
Lažu nam pred nosom...


Originally Posted by Blue_Knight (Post 46485)


Sorry. Rekla sam ti da ne čitam angliški...:smile_heart:

Blue_Knight 21-06-10 16:18

To je ono što si ti meni poslala.... ;)

alison 23-06-10 08:40

Savitri, James Sayer here from the 2012
Official Countdown, and I can't help from laughing . . .

I was just remembering the line in Bill Cosby's Noah routine. From
the way kids used to repeat it, it must have started all the rest of
his long career.

Noah is complaining about God's command to build an ark, and God
responds in a deep voice with the subject line.

Why is it so funny?

Sure, there's the obvious humor in trying to tread water in the middle
of a worldwide, 40 day flood . . . but the best humor goes deeper
than what's obvious.

We know the Biblical story of the Flood and that Noah will follow
God's advice to build an Ark, and so survive along with two of each
species of animal.

And we know Noah's family and neighbors did their laughing at Noah,
but before the Flood -- not after it.

I'm here to tell you -- we laugh at that line about Noah treading
water because we're afraid to be Noah's disbelieving neighbors.

We sense the anger of God -- no matter by which name you choose to
call Him/Her -- and the impending collapse of what we now call

Yet, what would be funny if it weren't so serious -- almost all of
us agree that the world is out of balance, unable to go on this
way permanently.

We laugh because we know that we can't tread water long enough to
outlive the worldwide catastrophes to come.

Or the grave dangers we face from the forces of evil, which I
explain in 2012: The Official Countdown.

We too need help in preparing for the future.

To prepare for the future, we must know what to plan for.

Sure, God's not talking to us directly the way he apparently
did to a chosen few in Biblical times.

But we've been warned about 2012 in numerous ways, from numerous
sources -- many of them thousands of years old!

All you need to do is open your eyes, ears and -- especially your mind.

We don't know the details of what will happen December 21, 2012.
I'm not telling you to build an Ark, because the Earth probably
won't be flooded again.

You do need to prepare to survive physically, so I'm including a
special report PREPARE TO LIVE: 2012 SURVIVAL GUIDE as a free special
bonus with your membership in the 2012 Official Countdown.

Learn how to meet you and your family's basic physical needs of food
and water.

Understand the four events that could trigger martial law.

Set up your own renewable energy sources -- how to power your home
with wind and solar energy.

But the absolute most important thing you must do to prepare for
2012 is to build an "ark" in your own mind.

You must prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be
a part of the change in consciousness that will come along with the
planet's physical changes.

Join me now, in this community devoted to the coming New Age -- because
now's the time to build our arks, so we don't have to "tread water."


James Michael Sayer

P.S. I've had a few people who tell me I should give 2012: The
Official Countdown away for FREE, or charge a lot less money for it.

I wish I could live on air, but that's not possible. When you go
to work at your job, you expect your employer to pay you a fair wage
for your effort.

I've done the work of researching 2012 for you. If I gave it away or
charged a ridiculously small price for it, I would be allowing
you to disrespect and devalue me and the hours of hard work
I put into creating this membership site.

I can live with that. This project is not going to make me rich. But
you would also be disrespecting the information in 2012: The Official
Countdown -- and even worse, the events of 2012 themselves.

I cannot allow that. That would be bad karma for you and for me.

If you read 2012: The Official Countdown and do nothing, you have
wasted your time.

That's what would happen if I gave it away or charged only $7 or
so -- more people would read it, but they would not value the
information or act on it.

2012: The Official Countdown is not a free flyer on your front
door announcing a sale on large pepperoni pizzas. It's also not a
promotional $7 ebook meant to entice you into buying an expensive
get-rich-quick scheme.

2012 Official Countdown is information to help you prepare
yourself for the greatest adventure of your life.

2700 Gulf Freeway #1825, Texas City, TX 77591, USA

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alison 23-06-10 08:42

Hi Savitri, James here from 2012 Official Countdown, and
I just got a shock while meditating . . .

See, you're not the only one who doubts that the world is going
to go through a traumatic change December 21, 2012.

I do too.

Now hold on -- before you start choking -- I'm not taking back
anything I've written. I do strongly believe the world is going
to change -- drastically.

I did extensive research, and it can't be denied. All indigenous
cultures and all well-known and most not-so-well-known religions
agree . . .

The current world can't continue as it is. Not all of them
give an exact date, but they all agree our current society is doomed.

As do scientists, especially those warning of climate change, how
extensive pollution is poisoning the planet, and how it's simply
obvious that the world has finite amounts of energy and natural

But, just like you, I have moments of weakness when I question
what I'm doing. And I had one while meditating.

Just a little voice inside my head asking me, "What makes you
think you're so important that all these prophecies will be
fulfilled within your lifetime?

Maybe you've felt much the same way . . .

Why me, Lord?

Why was I chosen to be alive and experience this transformation
of humanity?

Remember the Chinese curse "May you live through interesting times?"
and how the Chinese use the same pictogram to mean "crisis" AND "opportunity?"

Living through December 21, 2012 will be a curse, because humanity
is going to pass through the most "interesting" crisis since the
Great Flood and, just like then, many -- MOST -- will not survive.

Yet it's also the greatest opportunity to advance to a new spiritual

I can't tell you exactly why we're here. Believing in 2012 doesn't
make us conceited -- six and a half billion other souls also occupy
this planet right now.

Whether we are destroyed by the crisis or transformed by the
opportunity . . . that is our choice.

You can choose to close your eyes, ignore all the predictions
and warning signs, and choose not to take any action, or you can
choose to educate and then prepare yourself.

Skepticism is normal. Education is the cure.

It starts right here and now.

As we grow closer and closer to December 21, 2012 time itself is
speeding up. Changes are happening at lightning speed. That's why
2012 The Official Countdown comes with lifetime access to the
2012 Membership Zone, so it's not just another ebook.

By this time next year, we'll know a lot more than we do now.
I can't rewrite the book every
week, and more signs and signals will appear.

So I will keep the 2012 MEMBERSHIP ZONE up to date. A free
lifetime membership comes included.

Spreading the word about 2012 is my current karma. You too have a
part to play. You'll have to discover your role in the new world
for yourself, and that begins with educating yourself about the
coming catastrophe.

You can run from your fate, but you can't hide. Accept that, and
you too will thrive in the New Age.


James Michael Sayer

P.S. I back up everything I say. If 2012 THE Official Countdown
is not everything I promise you, you have 60 days to request your
money back.

I don't promise to "convert" (I'm not founding a religion!)
you -- especially if you refuse to keep an open mind.

But after you read 2012 The Official Countdown Guide you will know that
it contains all the information I promised -- and much more besides.

It's a wild ride into a new look at the reality of the world around

Everybody is lying to you. Learn the truth while you still can . . .
but prepare to be shocked, surprised and amazed.

2700 Gulf Freeway #1825, Texas City, TX 77591, USA

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Slap 29-06-10 15:25


Originally Posted by Spring (Post 14285)
Ajmo, svi po redu!

Što očekujete od 2012 godine?
Što mislite, da će se dogoditi?

Umrijet će mnogo milijuna ljudi,neki od starosti,neki od gladi,bolesti,neki od potresa i poplava....

No koliko vidim svi sa ovog foruma će preživjeti....

Blue_Knight 29-06-10 18:47

I ja se slažem.

zoricab 01-07-10 23:11

Evo sta kaze Anastazija (Zvoneci kedri Rusije), Na poleđini treće knjige:

“Hej Nostradamuse! Nostradamuse, ti nisi predskazao, nego stvorio svojom mišlju datume strašnih kataklizmi na Zemlji! Prisilio si mnoge ljude da ti poveruju i time si upotrebio njihove misli da bi se materijalizovalo ono što je loše! Nad planetom vreba tvoja misao, plaši ljude proročanstvom i bezizlaznošću, no ona se više neće ostvariti. Neka se tvoja misao sukobi sa mojom! Jasno, ti sve unapred znaš, i zato tako brzo uzmičeš!”

Veliki pozdrav

Blue_Knight 02-07-10 17:01

Ako pčele nestanu, ljudima će ostati još samo četiri godine života, govorio je Albert Einstein.

U razdoblju između 2007. i 2008. godine populacija pčela u Britaniji pala je za čak 30 posto, izvijestila je britanska Udruga za zaštitu pčela.
To je, naravno, zabrinulo Europljane jer pčele, osim što proizvode med, oprašuju većinu biljaka koje su potrebne za proizvodnju hrane. Još prije godinu dana ekolozi su predviđali da bi se mogao narušiti hranidbeni lanac.
Einstein: Ljudi mogu preživjeti četiri godine nakon što pčele izumru
Albert Einstein davno je rekao da će ubrzo nakon pčela izumrijeti i ljudska rasa.
- Ako pčele nestanu, ljudima će ostati još samo četiri godine života. Nema više pčela, nema više oprašivanja, nema više biljaka, nema više životinja, nema više čovjeka - rekao je Albert Einstein.čela na cvijetu
Photo Siniša Bužan
Iako stručnjaci smatraju da nije sve tako crno kao što je govorio Einstein, činjenica je da će nestankom pčela nestati većina biljaka. Pčele izumiru i u SAD-u
Neke su novinske agencije prošle godine izvijestile kako se problem izumiranja pčela pojavio i u SAD-u. Prema rezultatima istraživanja, u nekim dijelovima Teksasa broj pčela pao je za čak 70 posto, dok je u Kaliforniji zabilježen pad populacije pčela od 30 do 60 posto.
Njemački su, pak, mediji prošle godine izvijestili kako je u nekim područjima populacija pčela manja za 80 posto, dok su se s istim problemom suočile i Poljska, Švicarska i Španjolska.
U Italiji se broj pčela smanjio za čak 50 posto
Prema izvješću Europske organizacije za zaštitu hrane (EFSA), od prošle se godine u Italiji broj pčela smanjio za 40 do 50 posto, piše BBC. Stručnjaci smatraju da je uzrok nestanka pčela nametnik varroa, koji pčelama uzrokuje varoze. To je vanjski parazit, grinja koja napada pčele Apis cerana i Apis mellifera. Međutim, neki smatraju da pčele izumiru i zbog pesticida koji isparava kad je visok postotak vlage u zraku, što je bio čest slučaj ljeti u posljednje dvije godine u Europi.
Traži se brza reakcija Europske komisije
Europski parlamentarci zahtijevaju da Europska komisija uloži više novca u istraživanje uzroka izumiranja pčela. S parlamentarcima se složila i Organizacija za zaštitu pčela, a na Europskoj je komisiji da odluči o sljedećim akcijama. Jedno je sigurno, pčele ne mogu čekati, a EK će morati što prije reagirati.

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